Have you ever crocheted a hat, doily, etc. and wondered how you could close that small gap that formed from the ring?? or Questioned why there was a small gap??? If you have, you are not the only person who has questioned this. I have and I challenged that gap formed with a ring. It took me online searching for a way to alter the look of the beginning crochet hats and doilies. I ran across a lot of blog comments and posts about the Magic Circle; however, the problem I was faced with as well as many others was that the posts where not clearly done. You did not know exactly what you were to do or how to form this ring.

I am here today to try and help you in as easily way as possible. I found a way to create the magic circle/ring to begin all my crochet hats and I even at times use this on my doilies to make it look much more professional. Please note that this is NOT a pattern or a way to learn how to crochet. This is a tutorial for the established crocheter looking for a way to close the gap on the rings formed when making hats, doilies, etc.

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